3 Alternatives to Toxic Products

By Monet Lee ~

As far as personal care products go, I don’t go au naturale with every product I use, mostly because I can’t always find a comparable natural alternative. Since I am aware of harmful chemicals in products, I like to minimize my usage of any cancer causing ingredients, call me crazy!

Monet Lee
Monet Lee

If you haven’t already dumped the traditional versions of these 3 products, the time is now!


This is one that most of you probably know you should switch but haven’t found a good alternative for yet. That was me, until I found Lavanila Sport Luxe. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a deodorant, aluminum-free and has no parabens or phthalates. Studies have shown that prolonged usage of deodorants containing aluminum or parabens could be linked to breast cancer. image001And phthalates are known to cause damage to major organs including the reproductive system. With this deodorant being free of these toxic substances AND lasting through an entire workout, it gets an A+ from me.

Lavanila Heathy Deodorant Sport Luxe

Sephora $16


There is a wide spectrum in the category of sunscreens going from uber natural (think straight zinc oxide) all the way to chemical city (like Neutrogena). I like to be somewhere in between the two, a sunscreen free of harmful chemicals but also conveniently in a spray bottle and doesn’t leave a white cast all over my body. You have to pick a image003sunscreen that you enjoy or else you will be less likely to use it which is a bummer because, skin cancer.

The ingredients I like to steer clear of in sunscreens are mainly PABA and Parabens. PABA causes toxicity and rashes while Parabens are a known cancer-causing ingredient banned from most developed countries!  I also like to stay around 30 SPF, anything more than that just contains more chemicals and a minimal amount of extra protection. The sunscreen I recommend is the Sun Bum Continuous Spray SPF 30.

Sun Bum Continuous Spray SPF 30

Target $15.99

Air Fresheners

Recently, desperate to find a solution for our kitty litter odor, I found myself perusing Bath and Body Works’ scented plug-ins aisles. I thought for sure it was the solution I had been looking for when I started to think about what ingredients it was that my family and I would be breathing in. After a bit of research I found that I was right to be wary. Shockingly, most air fresheners, scented plug-ins and even some candles, contained ingredients such as, formaldehyde and high doses of phthalates. Both of which are recognized as carcinogens and very likely to affect the overall health of your family. Instead, some good alternatives are soy candles and essential oil diffusers. I use both methods in my own home and I am able to easily find soy candles at Home Goods and 100% pure essential oils at my local Whole Foods.

There are of course many other natural products you could incorporate into your daily routine, these are just three examples of items that are extremely easily accessible and used in most people’s daily lives (and if sunscreen isn’t in your daily routine it’s time to start now!).

Monet Lee is a Licensed Esthetician and Beauty Blogger based in Los Angeles. Check out her blog at www.monetleebeauty.com

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