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AG High Wins County Track Meet

Local high school athletes did quite well competing against their local rivals in the 43rd Annual Elks San Luis Obispo County Track Meet held April 22 at Cuesta College.

With some 668 total athletes competing, San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande High Schools had multiple County Winners in the Varsity events, including SLOHS’ Callum Bolger, who won the 1600 and the 800-meter races.

AGHS finished first in the team scoring in both the boys and girls competitions; Paso Robles was second; and SLOHS third.

Paso Robles senior, Madison Mitchell, was named track MVP after wins in the 100-meter hurdles and the 300M hurdles. She was also on Paso’s third place relay team.

SLOHS sophomore, Anneke Moersdorf, was named Field Events MVP, after winning the triple jump and high jump and taking second in the long jump.

Here are the winning scores and times for the boys and girls varsity events:

100 Meters Boys Varsity — Gopala Sauer AGHS, 11.55, Johnny Enriquez AHGS, 11.69, James Krill SLOHS, 11.70

100 Meters Girls Varsity — Brittany McKinley AHS, 12.44; Paige Baxstresser MCP, 12.47 PR; Hannah Wiese MBHS, 12.78 PR

200 Meters Boys Varsity — Gaston Bryars THS, 23.16 PR; Johnny Enriquez AGHS, 23.17; Gopala Sauer AGHS, 23.29

Girls Varsity — Paige Baxstresser MCP, 25.82; Brittney McKinley AHS, 25.91; Kiara Mabien PRHS, 26.36

400 meters Boys Varsity — Caius Cowgill SLOHS, 51.62; Dylan Prins THS, 52.03; Jordan Summers PRHS, 52.69 PR

Girls Varsity — Kiara Mablen PRHS, 59.75; Shiana Morris SLOHS, 1:00.52; Miriam Robles THS, 1:01.86

800 Meters Boys Varsity — Callum Bolger SLOHS, 1:56.29; Trad Berti PRHS, 1:57.06; Garrett Morgan NHS, 1:57.62

Girls Varsity — Talley Hill AGHS 2:17.75; Jaiuley Goodell AGHS, 2:21.34 PR; Samantha Simard SLOHS, 2:26.17

1600 M Boys Varsity — Callum Bolger, SLOHS 4:07.69 PR; Trad Berti PRHS, 4:13.58 PR; Ban Taylor AGHS 4:18.86 PR

Girls Varsity — Annie Meeder PRHS 5:04.69; Samantha Simard SLOHS, 5:06.76 PR; Malia Simon 5:07.12 PR

3200 Meters Boys Varsity — Luis Armendariz PRHS, 10:13:25; Ian Young PRHS, 10:16.77; Carter Campbell AGHS, 10:36.78

Girls Varsity — Rosa Granados AGHS, 11:19.59; Zaochi Tran PRHS, 14:40.85; Jazmin Acosta AHS, 15:55.92

110M Hurdles (39”) Boys Varsity — Matt Sill AGHS, 15.85; Vincent Ketelaar AGHS, 16.24; Mathew Lyons AHS, 17.31

Girls (100M, 33”) — Madison Mitchell PRHS, 15.11 PR; Codie Wilshusen PRHS, 17.19; JuJu Fuller AGHS, 17.22

300M Hurdles Boys (36”) — Matt Sill AGHS, 38.51 PR; Mathew Lyons AHS, 43.21; Brennan Forbes AGHS, 44.71 PR

Girls (30”) — Madison Mitchell PRHS, 46.50; Olivia Labastida NHS, 48.45; Jasmine Garcia AGHS, 49.17

4x100M relay Boys Varsity — SLOHS 44.06 (Dylan Archer, Caius Cowgill, James Krill and Francisco Amaya)

Girls — AHS 50.19 (Brittney McKinley, Abby Richey, Elizabeth Andrade and Talia Johnson)

4x400M Relay — Boys Varsity — AGHS 3:33.04 (Spencer Eley, Ban Taylor, Christian Ricketts and Jayson Maule)

Girls — AGHS 4:06.25 (Hailey Goodell, Talley Hill, Alysia Balderama and Taylor Carolan)

Shot Putt Boys (12lb) — Jacob Franklin PRHS, 54” PR; Eddie Chagoya AGHS, 50’10.5”; Sam Soenksen AGHS, 49’02”

Girls (4kg) — Ashleigh Cindrich SLOHS, 34’09” PR; Amber Martin AGHS, 34’04.5”; Sabrina Van Beek AHS, 34’04”

Discus Boys (1.6kg) — Eddie Chagoya AGHS, 165’06”; Joey Kraut AGHS, 151’04”; Jacob Franklin PRHS, 146’06”

Girls (1kg) — Sabrina VanBeek AHS, 119’04” PR; Hannah McRoy, THS 115’01”; Amber Martin AGHS, 114’09”

High Jump Boys — Vincent Ketelaar AGHS, 6’04”; Jacob Furbee MBHS, 6’02”; Anthony Napoli PRHS, 6’02” PR

Girls — Anneke Moersdorf SLOHS, 5’03”; Eva Kessler AGHS, 4’10”; Codie Wilshusen PRHS, 4’10”

Pole Vault Boys — Spencer Eley AGHS, 13’06”; Chris Gonzales AHS, 12’ SR; Josh Buchan NHS, 11’06” SR

Girls — Sienna Stinson THS 11’ SR; Codie Wilshusen PRHS 11’; Savannah Garcia MBHS, 10’06” PR

Long Jump Boys — Matt Sill AGHS, 21’11.25” PR; William Stoll SLOHS, 20’03”; Sulial Ngiraitpang PRHS, 19’01.75”

Girls — Shaina Morris SLOHS, 17’00.75”; Anneke Moersdorf SLOHS, 16’06”; Jasmine Garcia AGHS, 15’09” PR

Triple Jump Boys — Matt Sill AGHS, 42’02” PR; Cade England PRHS, 41’05”; Darius Jackson AGHS, 40’09.5”

Girls — Anneke Moersdorf SLOHS, 35’07”; Kim Knollenberg NHS, 32’11”; Elizabeth Andrade AHS, 32’ PR


– By Neil Farrell, Photos by Mark Smith

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