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When Was The Last Time You Were Inspired?

I believe we have a propensity to look at what isn’t working or what problem needs to be solved in our work. I hear business owners discussing the issues or problems with their teams or organizations. I also find myself distracted at times —...


The Dugout Can Help You Sport the Perfect Gift

It may be daunting for some people to walk into a sports memorabilia store with the hope of finding a suitable gift for their loved one or relative. On the outside looking in, it’s easy to imagine someone arbitrarily slapping price tags on random...


Bello Mundo Ascends, Expands

A little over 5-years ago, a new coffee shop opened up in Downtown SLO that was almost as small, literally, as a hole in the wall, or maybe a walk-in closet. Bello Mundo was sandwiched between the independent music seller Boo Boo Records, the fair...


Giving, for the Birds

Local photographer Ramiro Leon recently donated a portion of his art show proceeds to the Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) in Morro Bay. As an avid hiker, camper and rock climber, Leon thought it was only natural to give back to the area he enjoys. “It’s...


Help Older Parents Avoid Financial “Scams”

Here’s a disturbing statistic: One out of every five Americans over the age of 65 has been victimized by a financial scheme, according to the Investor Protection Trust, a nonprofit organization devoted to investor education. If your parents are in...