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Sangha Energy Offers Solutions Through the Weather

As 2015 draws to a close California’s drought is giving way to an expected “hard El Nino.” Of course that’s a welcome respite for the Central Coast’s ranchers and any of a number of municipal water systems that rely on surface water, but there’s a hard reality to winter weather. In normal...

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Sage Offers Wisdom to Cope With Weather

By Camas Frank ~ Chances are a quick Google search for “ecological landscaping” in San Luis Obispo County will land you at That wasn’t always the case, but after a decade in the business, Sage Ecological Landscaping and Nursery, a Los Osos based company run by a Cal...

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A Different Workout at Gymnazo

Story by Gareth Kelly Photos courtesy of Gymnazo You know the drill. You step on the scale and whoa! Where did those extra pounds come from? Next you climb out of the car and notice that knee pain for the third time this week. You’re not as young as you once were but you also know you’ve...

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Quantum Waves Hypnotherapy

Story by Gareth Kelly Photos courtesy of Quantum Waves Hypnotherapy When many think of hypnotism, people running around a stage clucking like a chicken or barking like a dog spring to mind. However, with recent advances in neuroplasticity the stigma surrounding hypnotherapy and...

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Native Herbs and Honey

Story and photos by Gareth Kelly Violet Cavanaugh and husband Aaron Pruitt have been beekeepers for many years; Cavanaugh is a seventh generation keeper. They have been fixtures at many local farmers’ markets, events such as the Renaissance Faire and everything in between where they could...

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