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Fall on the Coast

Framed Photo and story by www.PhotoByVivian.com Friday, Sept 22 rings in the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox. The sun crosses the celestial equator and the earth’s two hemispheres get an equal amount of light. Here on the Central Coast it is...

CC Life

Grounded and Lifted

Adventure Girl By Courtney Haile, Photos Courtesy of Vanaspati Yoga My boyfriend took a sip of his macchiato during savasana; and although he never found his zen I reckon I found enough for the entire San Luis Obispo metro area. I dragged him to his...

CC Life Nightwriters

Our Book Club

Nightwriters By Jean Moelter Before we all go home, let’s talk about our next meeting. I’ve chosen Middlemarch by George Eliot. You know how I love the classics! Some of you don’t adore nineteenth-century literature like I do. But this book is a...

CC Life Entertainment

Back to School Bash

While most parents enjoy sending their littles back to school, to find their sanity, this made the transition even sweeter! A Thousand Horses, Drake White and the Eli Young Band spent hours on stage entertaining a group of enthusiastic weekend...