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‘Circus Arts’ Alive at Farmers

In our last issue the SLO City News featured the recently televised antics of the unicycle / juggling group “Something Ridiculous,” which we noted got their start several years ago doing private parties and shows at the SLO Downtown Association’s Thursday Farmers Market.

If the act of “Derek, Derek” is anything to go by, the market’s legacy of supporting amazing performers is intact. Describing himself as a professional street performer, Derek McAlister wowed at least four separate audiences with a show that incorporated vaudevillian references, a lot of crowd work, fire juggling and athletic prowess ascending a pole anchored by volunteers.

Such performers get by on the generosity of strangers, paying for the evening’s space, so tip well.

For those who prefer entertainment on one wheel, “Unipro” will return to the market at Broad St. on Sept. 7.

Photos by Camas Frank