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Columnists King Harris

Avoiding Family Conversation Killers

Good to be King By King Harris It never ceases to amaze me that every time the holiday season rolls around, all these therapists, counselors, or consultants come out of the woodwork with all sorts of tips on how to mingle melodiously at Thanksgiving...


Turkey Day is Not For the Dogs

Good Dogma By Lisa Ellman It’s happening again — as it does every year — Thanksgiving. And like every year, your dog or cat will be boarded or sat at home while you’re gone. Unless you’re hosting this year, in which case, there are several things...


And a Cherry Tomato on Top

The trees lining Higuera street sparkle; as jack o’ lanterns yield the (sales) floor to cornucopias and full on red and green ornamental vomit. Many of us are planning large feasts—as children coming down from their Halloween highs anticipate how...

Columnists Teri Bayus

Dinner and a Movie

Down Home Cookin’ at Carla’s By Teri Bayus A down home welcome diner is sometimes the answer to honest hunger needs. Sometimes it is not about the gourmet as it is the comfort. I have found that there is nothing as good for outrunning the blues like...