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Diablo Canyon Shutdown Reaches Review Milestone

20 May 2004 – Avila Beach, California – In a photo provided by Pacific Gas & Electric, the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is seen at its coastal location. Since 9/11 PG&E, operator of the power plant, has tighter security measures that include additional vehicle inspection points and an increase in armed security officers present along both the multiple concentric perimeters and within the plant itself.
Photo Credit: Michael A. Mariant/SIPA Press
A joint proposal concerning the future of Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Diablo Canyon Power Plant continues to move through the state’s review process, the utility stated in a press release.
Reviews and replies to written responses on the agreement are in progress for those were submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for consideration last month.
Under the established review schedule, groups participating had until Jan. 27 to submit responses to the CPUC. PG&E and the joint proposal parties will reply by March 17. If approved by the CPUC, the joint proposal will phase out PG&E’s production of nuclear power in California by 2025.
“The parties behind the joint proposal, including PG&E, labor and some of the nation’s leading environmental groups, believe it represents the most appropriate and responsible path forward,” said Geisha Williams, PG&E’s president of electric in a press statement. “It supports the state’s energy vision and ensures an orderly transition from nuclear power to other GHG-free resources, while supporting our local employees and community. We look forward to reviewing and replying to the responses submitted today, and will continue our dialogue with stakeholders as the joint proposal continues to move through the CPUC review process.”
Williams will assume a new role as CEO and president of PG&E Corporation on March 1.
Last year PG&E hosted a public workshop and opportunity for the public to answer questions and to collect comments on the joint proposal. That feedback was included with the filing of the proposal in August 2016.

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