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Over the winter months our coastline was home to the Long Billed Curlew. You may still see a straggler or two, but most have have left for the Great Plains and will spend the summer months in the prairies. Sometimes called the Candlestick Bird, the Long Billed Curlew is a type of sandpiper and spends the winter months here on the California coast. The Curlew is the largest shorebird and sandpiper in North America.  It’s name Curlew doesn’t come from the shape of its bill but from the distinctive ‘cur-lee’ call it makes. Candlestick Point in San Francisco was named after this bird!  In the late 1800s the bird was more common but today is still on several conservation watch lists. Once on the endangered list and declining in the Great Plains the decline has steadied due to efforts being made to protect their habitat.

Photo and story by www.PhotoByVivian.com

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