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Internet Radio and Podcast Studio Open

The title SLO Talk Radio may sound a little like a new haven for AM chitchat, but the entrepreneurs behind it are rooted firmly in the 21st century, creating an on demand internet broadcast platform.

Internet radio is really more about podcast production and keeping new content on schedule than anything, explains co-owner Jennifer Golden, although a scheduled live stream with homegrown shows is part of the business plan.

One of their first shows “aired” July 20, with the a host and guest that fans of old school science fiction may be familiar with.  “Land of the Giants” actor Gary Conway hosted Renaissance Rap, with his cast mates Deanna Lund and Heather Young from 1968s “Giants” as guests.

Now a local winemaker, Conway plans to use the show to explore some of the same themes as that brand of fiction allows.

Both Golden and company co-owner James Davis have shows in the works as well.

She’ll be hosting an interview format around local wineries in “Vintner’s Vision,”

Davis is signed up to host “SLO Good Life,” which, he wrote, “shines the spotlight on the unique individuals, stories, lifestyles, activities and events abundant in the SLO County region.”

“We did internet radio once before,” explained Golden, “with ‘Central Coast Live,’ which featured only local musicians. That did stream 24/7.”

But she said, new copyright legislation effected changes in the industry and cracked down on how folks hosting such content were allowed to “monetize.”

“It either put people out of business or forced them to stop playing music,” she explained.

The talk format, focused on extremely local content despite being available to the entire world online, is a win-win for local listeners as well as the business reboot.

“With the same skillset we’re building a library that people will be able to listen to and reference on demand,” she said.

There’s an additional element as well.  For a price local business owners or members of the public looking to create a personal project can receive studio training, record at SLO Talk Radio’s office, and have their own content hosted online.

“We want to be very responsive to the community,” said Davis, “There is that target marketing opportunity with the podcast studio and distribution to the larger iTunes store as well. But we’d see it more as ‘this half hour sponsored by, etc. it’s an opportunity for good information targeted for local travel, tourism, and government affairs.”

Visit www.SLOTalkRadio.com or contact the studio directly at 234-5056 to see what they’re up to this week.

By Camas Frank

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