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Peace Activist Coming to Morro Bay

Then & Now By Judy Salamacha “Our task, in these dark times, is simple: to speak the truth, resist war and injustice, practice nonviolence, walk with the poor, love everyone, say our prayers, and uphold the vision of a new world without war...

Columnists Judy Salamacha

Dr. Evelyn Pellaton; Living a Large Life

Then & Now By Judy Salamacha If we’re lucky we’ll have the chance to personally meet greatness at least once. Cayucan, Evie Pellaton, may have been petite, but it was the only smallness about her. She lived large with a big heart, whopping...

Columnists Judy Salamacha

Becoming Julia Morgan At the Monday Club

Then & Now By Judy Salamacha Early in the play “Becoming Julia Morgan,” Julia delivers her standard retort to reporters believing her work speaks for itself, however, newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst has insisted Jerry Mac interview his...

Columnists Judy Salamacha

Human Trafficking Today’s Slavery

Then & Now By Judy Salamacha Whether you appreciate his comedic style or choice of television and movie roles, once you’ve heard Ashton Kutcher talk about “Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children,” you learn to admire how he and co-founder Demi...