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Human Trafficking Today’s Slavery

Then & Now By Judy Salamacha Whether you appreciate his comedic style or choice of television and movie roles, once you’ve heard Ashton Kutcher talk about “Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children,” you learn to admire how he and co-founder Demi...

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Quirky Harmony Having Resurgence

Then & Now By Judy Salamacha In the early 1990s, American bestselling author, Christopher Moore, wrote his debut novel, “Practical Demonkeeping,” while working as a waiter at the Harmony Pasta Factory. Cambria Tourism archived this excerpt from...

Columnists Judy Salamacha

Friends of the Elephant Seals Turns 20

Then & Now By Judy Salamacha Congratulations to the Friends of the Elephant Seals on its 20th Anniversary, greeting more than 2.2 million worldwide visitors stopping by the protective viewpoint just south of Point Piedras Blancas Lighthouse to...