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Fond Memories of Summer Breezes

Good to be King By King Harris “OK kids, get in the car, we’re leaving for the lake!” my mother would cry nearly every August of my childhood. The kids included me, my sister Ann, and our younger brother Jimmy. The car was usually a station wagon...

Columnists King Harris

Summer of Love? Summer of Boot Camp

Good to be King By King Harris Where was I when thousands of long-haired hippies from all over the country invaded my hometown of San Francisco 50-years ago this summer? Boot camp, with no hair. The tale of how I got to boot camp which took place in...

Columnists King Harris

A Haight-Ashbury, Flower-Power Flashback

The moment I heard the song, 50-years ago in April, I knew that the summer of 1967 in my hometown of San Francisco would be unlike that of any other. I was in Portland at the time, finishing up my junior year in college. Scott McKenzie came over my...

Columnists King Harris

Memories of The Wall

If Memorial Day represents a day of reflection, which I think it does, there is no better mirror than the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. The first time I saw the Vietnam Wall was from the air, as our jet passed over the Mall on a late winter...

Columnists King Harris

To Mom — For Her 100th Birthday

Dear Mom: I hope you are resting in peace. As Mother’s Day approaches, it occurred to me that if you were alive, you would be 100-years-old. I am writing you this note not so much to tell you what’s been happening since you passed in 1992, but to...