Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Feb. 25

Appreciates Election Story

Thank you for your excellent article on possible candidates for the next election of Council members, especially the coverage of Ms. Betty Winholtz’ announcement to run for Mayor and the Council’s attorney, Mr. Joe Pannone’s rebuke of Ms. Winholtz for doing so.

It is the City’s foremost public comment forum and no better way to inform the community about issues of great interest to them.

Does announcing candidacy for City Council differ or is less important than touting an individual’s business or an event from the podium?

We are constantly entreated to voice our opinions on City issues, yet it too often seems to be merely hollow patronization.

Nancy Bast, Morro Bay

Release The Octopi

The Central Coast Aquarium should honor its promise to release their two, captive Giant Pacific Octopi.

These are highly intelligent creatures. By purchasing display animals from local fisherman they will only encourage more hunting and capturing for display purposes.

The original Morro Bay Aquarium is an inhumane relic, a reminder of mankind’s dominance and subjugation of non-humans.

Now the Central Coast Aquarium wants to carry on that outdated tradition of displaying captive, emotional and sentient creatures.

Is this really what we want to teach our children? Do we really want our own sad little Sea World here?

Mark Garman, Cambria

Waiting on the Big One

About 45-years ago on Feb. 9, 1971, a major earthquake struck Southern California, at Sylmar near where I used to live in Newhall, in the Santa Clarita Valley and also the Northern San Fernando Valley. Déjà vu happened twice again on Jan. 17, 1994.

Major earthquakes can happen in California at any given time! However the San Andreas Fault in the last 6,000 years only moved a distance of 1,000 feet, equaling the renamed Sears Tower in Downtown Chicago, Ill.

My conclusion is that the fact of most geologists saying one day the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco on that fault will not happen in my lifetime, is completely crazy for a theory that can’t be proven, when it comes to Plate Tectonics!

Scott C. Presnal, Morro Bay

Rancho Colina is Back

The Rancho Colina site for the Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility appears to be back under consideration.

According to some, the reason that site recently fell off the list is that providing water for the mobile home park was a critical aspect of the negotiations. That would have meant annexing the park into the City but the City can’t easily do that.

Not long ago, residents reminded the City of Ordinance No. 197, which says the City cannot annex land without a vote of the people UNLESS that land is to be used wholly and permanently for a public purpose. A mobile home park would not qualify.

Shortly after that, the Harbor Director stated publicly that the Rancho Colina deal had fallen through. Now, suddenly, it seems to be on again.

Probably not coincidentally, City consultants now state that we cannot use the reclaimed water from the WRF to recharge our aquifer and enhance the City’s water supply — the opposite of what was said before.

Is that water that was supposed to give Morro Bay a sustainable water supply now earmarked to provide water for the mobile home park, thus placating its residents and saving the Rancho Colina deal? Seems likely.

Linda Stedjee, Morro Bay