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Gift of the Emoji

By Brian Rosenberg


X-Ray was sitting at his extended VIP tables at LiZard, Hollywood’s current hottest nightclub. His birthday was today, December 23. He started rolling a week before and would keep it up until the New Year. As the incendiary new rapper on the scene he had a rep to uphold.

A well-dressed man, about his age, approached. He said formally, “Your previous server was called away, family matter. I’ll have to do.”

“Well you ain’t no hottie in a skimpy sparkly dress, but I guess you’ll haveta. Another round for all y’all.” After a few trips back and forth to the bar X checked the kid. He had on an Armani suit sans jacket. Well paid waiter? Then he got a text. It was from an ex. ShaWanda said the waiter was a big-time author, NYT bestseller list. When the writer came back X had to ask. “So what’s a big time writer doin’ fetching me single malt? That other server, she your gir’fren?”

“Actually, fiancée. And try the Bowmore or Bunnahabhain 25s. Either will impress the hell out of any real scotch drinker.”

“So why you here?”

“My fiancé, Chrissy, is a huge fan. She knew the bar was slammed and you wouldn’t get the service you need so she sent me.”

“Hell of a woman.”

“Yeah, she supported me, two jobs, while I wrote. The day the book got published I proposed.”

“Damn, she remind me of my Moms. Since I’m your only table have a seat. Want a finger of this probably horribly expensive malt you sold me?” X asked him about the family matter. He hoped it wasn’t serious. The writer assessed X-Ray. He thought he was seriously interested.

“Chrissy was hit by a drunk driver after picking up her son, on the way to her sister’s to drop him off. They’re in the hospital.”

“So why you here and not there?”

“Like I said, huge fan and she wouldn’t want to let you down. She’s that type of lady. After closing I’ll head straight there. They’re both in surgery and will probably still be when I get there.”



“But you got this, right? Got it covered?”

“Just her basic insurance, so not really. The publisher hasn’t sent the big royalty check yet, so I’m helpless. After all she sacrificed for me.”

X thought for a minute. “Okay writer, get me another one of these scotches, whichever one you think best. I got this.” The writer had no idea what he was talking about. X started tweeting, Facebooking, everything. He motioned for another of his exes, a social media guru, for help. She soon had her friends in on it. He had the writer fetch odds and ends for the new guests.

After a few hours X asked the writer to sit. The writer saw he was almost vibrating with excitement. “Check this out cuz. I tapped my extended family; friends, fans, all them came through. Check it out.” X handed the iPad over to him. It took a few moments to process. He was looking at the account for the Save Chrissy and Danny fund. It already had almost a quarter of a million dollars in it. “That should get her moved to Cedars, private room and all that. Best care. She a good woman, deserves it.”

“But, why?”

“Hey, anything for a fan.”


Brian Rosenberg was born in the great ‘state’ of New Orleans, and has carried over his family’s love for makin’ gumbo, zydeco, and just the love of fun. He was a professional musician for 20 years, an electronic and sound tech for over 10 years, worked construction jobs, and was the owner of an AV, specializing in high end electronics. Brian is a member of SLO NightWriters, for writers of all levels in all genres; find them at and learn more about their monthly meetings.