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Dancing in the Canyon

The canyon walls seemed to close in on Esteban. Sonja was more cheerful than ever, like some exotic bird he rediscovered each day. The rear view mirror showed...

CC Life Nightwriters

Inner Journey

Nightwriters By Andrew Ross  All he was able to do was ride in the car as a passenger and gaze out the window in mute amazement. He was enthralled with the...

CC Life Nightwriters

St. Pat’s Super Cop

March 1971- Unofficially charged with the title, “exterior St. Paddy’s decorator extraordinaire,” young Thomas took to it with gusto, whimsy, and more than a...

CC Life Nightwriters

Stirring Ashes

I was deep into the Colorado woods for a cleansing hike. I couldn’t tolerate myself, my family, my work, my community or people anymore. I walked with no...

CC Life Nightwriters

Cast Adrift

By Judith Amber Amy left the hospital at the end of her shift. In spite of the downpour, she sauntered leisurely to the bus stop. Water ran in rivulets off her...

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