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Lone Rider

Nightwriters By Patricia Gimer It’s too late for us to turn back now, thought Claudia, while freeing a strand of grey hair from the zipper of her slinky red...

CC Life Nightwriters

The Relevance of Pie

The modicum of privacy created by the cubicle wall between middle manager, Ezra Tart, and the CEO’s executive assistant, Brenda Callahan, did little to prevent...

CC Life Nightwriters SLO City News


We made all those other dancers jealous, didn’t we Margaret? You were a dream in pale pink. Not many ladies in their fifties can pull off that color; but you...

CC Life Nightwriters


I thought I knew what I was fishing for…a youthful sense of awe, an unknowing anticipation, the excitement I felt as a child while standing on the banks of...

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