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Retro-Future Steampunks Dazzle at Circus Vargas 2017

Kids  – and a few adults – looking to pet an elephant might have been a little disappointed to learn that the Circus that visits SLO every year does not in fact have animals any longer.

The family friendly entertainment however is anything but disappointing.

As Katya Quiroga, co-owner of Circus Vargas explained for the SLO City News in our last issue, they were pioneers in the decision to travel with humans only, and “we’ve noticed a slight upswing in sales since we took the animals out.”

To keep modern audiences engaged they’ve also revamped the show with a new theme before taking it on the road every year for the last 11 that the Quirogas have produced the spectacle.

For this year some of the more traditional performers are “interrupted” by the mainstay players in Victorian “Steampunk” costume. Steampunk imagines what the future would have been like if steam cogs and gears had continued to be dominant over our current digital age.

-Photos by Erin O’Donnell