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SLO County Manager Leaving

“It has been a great 15 years and it is time for a change,” said SLO County’s Administrator of five years, Dan Buckshi. “…the current Board of Supervisors is very different than the Board that promoted me to the County Administrative Officer (CAO) position five years ago.”

The City Council of Walnut Creek, Calif. is expected to vote on Tuesday – past deadline for this issue –  on a contract naming Buckshi as their City Manager to replace their retiring municipal head.

In an announcement put out by the County on May 12, Buckshi added, “I am proud of all we have accomplished during my tenure and am I thankful for the many opportunities the County has afforded me over the years.  I feel blessed to have been a part of this community.  I developed many close working relationships and I am going to sincerely miss those who have become friends.  We have an incredibly talented workforce, especially our executive team and our Administrative Office staff.  In my opinion, they are second to none.”

The County’s press office further eulogized his service by explaining that:

Buckshi joined the County of San Luis Obispo in 2002 as an Administrative Analyst.  In 2006 he was promoted to Budget Director and in 2010 to Assistant County Administrative Officer.  In 2012, he was appointed as the County Administrative Officer.

Buckshi served as the lead on budget, compensation, and pension reforms and charted the path forward through the Great Recession.  During this timeframe, the County closed cumulative budget gaps of over $75 million and did so without anyone losing their job due to budget cuts.  As a result of these reforms, the County’s bond rating was increased to AAA, the highest available.

Buckshi played a key role in the recent $145 million settlement agreement with PG&E regarding the closure of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

The City of Walnut Creek added some elements of his resume that drew their interest, namely that:

Buckshi was instrumental in the creation of the first countywide economic strategy, which was a joint effort with the Economic Vitality Corporation.  Additionally, Buckshi helped craft the County’s homeless policies and programs, drought response efforts, groundwater management plans, the development of a new airport terminal, and the creation of a countywide tourism district.

According to the California Government database website publicpay.ca.gov, the SLO County CAO position currently pays $228,451 annually.  Walnut Creek appears ready to offer an annual salary of $254,000. In addition, Buckshi will be eligible to receive a loan of up to $300,000 to purchase a home in Walnut Creek.

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