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SLOPD Seeks Serial Prowler

San Luis Obispo Police are investigating a creepy case of prowling, after a local woman was awakened by a man outside her window who was reportedly watching pornography on a cell phone while leering in on her.

According to Sgt. Chad Pfarr, at about 12:40 a.m. May 9, officers responded to the 600 block of Johnson Ave. “The female victim told officers she woke to sounds outside her bedroom window,” Sgt. Pfarr said. “When she looked out she saw an unknown male suspect holding a cell phone and watching a pornographic video while shining a light into her bedroom.”

But instead of calling police right away, the woman called her landlord, which apparently gave the creeper time to escape.

“The victim first called the landlord who lives nearby and responded to check the area but the suspect was already gone,” he said. “The police were called approximately 20 minutes after the suspect was seen and were unable to locate anyone due to the time delay in reporting.”

The call rang familiar to SLOPD. “In January and February of this year,” Sgt. Pfarr said, “the police department responded to three similar incidents in the same general area. Investigators believe these cases are related and are actively seeking leads in these investigations.”

In all four cases, he added, the suspect pointed a flashlight into the window and the victims were only able to see the suspect’s profile and could not provide additional descriptions other than the suspect being a male. And of course, he apparently has a cell phone.

Police are asking the public to check their security cameras to see if they caught sight of the suspect. “If you have video surveillance anywhere in the 600 block of Johnson investigators would like to view it,” Sgt. Pfarr said.

There would appear to be a rash of prowler complaints in recent months. “In addition to these reports the police department has received multiple late reports of possible prowlers in recent months. We want to remind you to immediately report prowlers to the Police Department.

“Any delay in a report being made dramatically decreases our chances of locating a suspect who may still be in the area,” Sgt. Pfarr said.

If readers have information about this crime call SLOPD at (805) 781-7312 or Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.

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