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‘Snatched’ A Great Comeback Film For Goldi

I swear I love mother-daughter romps. I am a sucker for them. And “Snatched” had me laughing so hard popcorn came out of my nose.

I have always loved Goldie Hawn since her Laugh In days and am a big fan of Amy Schumer. Schumer hit it big with her own sketch comedy show (Inside Amy Schumer), which received multiple Emmy nominations and one win (Outstanding Variety Sketch Series).

Schumer also appeared in several TV shows and then brought her crude-funny to the big screen, first in a handful of small roles and then by writing and starring in 2015’s “Trainwreck,” which earned her nominations from the Writers Guild of America (Best Original Screenplay) and from the Golden Globes.

Schumer and Goldie may have made their comedy bones in different ways and they may have over 35 years between them, but I’ll tell you what else these award winning funny women have between them, considerable comedic chemistry and one fearlessly funny film.

The Plot: Dowdy department store clerk, Emily Middleton (Schumer), has modified the saying about a customer being always right to her being always irrelevant. She gets fired.

Next, her boyfriend Michael (Randall Park) tells her, “I can’t go to South America with you.” He’s got bigger fish to fry. Her trip is nonre­fun­dable. All her friends reject her offer as well.

As a last resort, she settles on her mom, Linda (Goldie Hawn). Once in Ecuador, fellow tourist Ruth (Wanda Sykes) warns them about kidnappers. Then a guy at the bar, James (Tom Bateman) chats Emily up and next day escorts them on a tour. It is actually a kidnapping.

Emily’s brother Jeffery (Ike Barinholtz) mounts a rescue of freaks and special opps. The hilariously escape attempts and rescues make for a fun romp.

During breaks in filming, Schumer and Sykes performed several “pop-up” shows in Honolulu, with all proceeds going to charity. The shows were announced in the morning and would sell out in a matter of hours. I don’t doubt it, because these are some serious hilarious women.

Comedies hardly make it to the cinema these days, so I always try to go when one comes out, especially when it’s Goldie Hawn’s comeback film. It so much fun and I can’t wait to own it on DVD.

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