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Staging Homes On A Budget

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By Nancy Puder
Nancy PuderStaging is an important step in getting your home sold for the best price.  Home sellers  will often receive back double their staging costs when the staging is done correctly.
As you work through each room of staging your home, here are a few rules to consider.

1. De-clutter–I can’t say this often enough or more emphatically.  Sometimes sellers get excited and want to start bringing in items that they think will enhance the home. The declutter step is skipped over and a seller will begin “staging” before unnecessary items are removed from the potential buyers’ line of vision.  

2. Closets – Organize your closets and use only one color of coat hangers.  White hangers are best and can be purchased cheaply at several discount stores. Same color hangers are a subtle way to help give an organized look. Group your clothes colors together. This also contributes to an overall sense of order.  Purchase stacking boxes (again inexpensive) and pack whatever you won’t need for awhile. These can be stored in the closet or in the garage.  Tip:  Buy the plastic stacking boxes instead of trying to make it work with cardboard.  It’s a better look even in the garage.  Remove all wire hangers!  These steps will help modernize your closet and make it feel more luxurious.
3. Kitchen – Countertops should be clear of anything that is not absolutely needed.  Personally, when I know that the home is being shown, I will even put the sponge and the soap dish in the cabinet underneath the sink.  That bottle of wine which has always been sitting there because you like the way the bottle looks, the clock radio or phone, sugar bowls etc. should all be out of sight.  And while we are in the kitchen, plastic trashcans should be nowhere in sight.  If you absolutely have to keep one in your kitchen, put it in the garage during the showing.  Rugs in kitchen should be removed or neutral in color, similar to the flooring. Random scatter rugs in kitchen can make it look dated and small.

4. Deep Clean – If you need help, consider paying someone to come in so that the home is squeaky clean.  The main emphasis should be on kitchen and bathrooms and don’t forget the windows and window tracks.  Cobwebs on the front porch and exterior lighting should be washed off.  All overhead lighting in the home should be washed.  The difference this small tip makes is amazing!
5. Clean up your yards – Mow, water and trim.  Then plant a few blooming plants here and there.  Patios should be free of clutter and all unnecessary items.  You might want to consider having a garage sale or donating if you don’t know where to put everything.

6.  Paint – It’s surprising how many sellers don’t think that their home needs to be painted.  Worn corners, scuff marks on walls or baseboards and an overall dingy look can cost you thousands of dollars when selling.  Don’t be cheap and only paint one wall, or worse,  touch up a wall that really needs to be painted. Paint touch up is fine in some instances, of course, but if at all in doubt, go ahead and paint the whole room and yes, the hall!

7.  Decorating – I highly recommend that you consult with a staging expert before spending money unnecessarily on staging.  Many times, the steps taken above are enough to make your home shine and stand out from the rest.  If you have a talent for color and decorating and feel comfortable proceeding on your own, keep in mind that less is more when trying to sell your home.

For more tips on how to stage your home, you may call, text or email me anytime.  My initial consultations are free and I always enjoy hearing from you!

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