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Watershed Project Hopes to Help Creek

Local volunteers turned out Feb. 26 for a different kind of “creek clean up” hosted by the Watershed Stewards Program (WSP), in partnership with the California Native Plant Society.
City of SLO workers were on hand to help with equipment.
About 68 volunteers RSVP’d to, “Come spend the morning digging in the dirt, and volunteer to plant native plants along SLO Creek! Our efforts will help to improve the habitat and health of the creek, and give volunteers the opportunity to learn about native riparian plants.”
The mission of the WSP is, “to conserve, restore, and enhance anadromous watersheds for future generations by linking education with high-quality scientific practices.”
For non-biologists, anadromous fish are those born in fresh water, spending most of their life in the sea and returns to fresh water to spawn. SLO is Salmon habitat.
A pop-up tent with information was set up next to the creek, across the bridge from Mission Plaza.
Volunteers hacked out and hauled away a number of invasive plant species colonizing sand bars along the river walk, including Arundo donax, a bamboo like reed native plant of the Mediterranean region and with no natural deterrent in the area. They were replaced with native plants donated for he cause.
For more information about this event email: alyssa.bucci@ccc.ca.gov.
– Camas Frank

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