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Tap Truck Makes Debut

A new way to bring the pub to the party had its introduction at the recent Central Coast Art & Music Festival held in Cayucos.

Joshua James unveiled his new, “Tap Truck,” at the festival, a classic Ford panel van that has been customized with beer taps on the passenger side.

In back, there’s room for about a half dozen kegs that sit in ice to keep the brew cold.

James, owner of Tap Truck Central Coast, said the concept was born down in San Diego where the company has several trucks. James said the truck can pour root beer, beer and wine too.

The way it works, is someone hires the Tap Truck for a wedding or large party, probably in an outdoor setting. He loads the wagon with the desired flavors of brew and drives it to the party, setting up with just a table. When the party is over, he drives it all away.

The Tap Truck is available now for rentals, call James at (805) 904-8537 or see: taptruckcentralcoast.com.


– By Neil Farrell

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