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CC Life Dinner and a Movie Teri Bayus

Dinner & A Movie

Beach Burger Heaven in Oceano By Teri Bayus One of the cool missions I get to do with this job is to promote my column using other media. My favorite way is to be a guest on The Dave Congalton Show on KVEC 920 AM. Dave and I do not agree on most...

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New Spider-Man A Homecoming of Age Film

Spider Man is finally the Big Screen superhero I hoped he always would be: that is a coming of age story wrapped with an origin story. This latest incarnation under the Avengers umbrella is “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and I do believe this is the most...

Columnists Teri Bayus

‘Snatched’ A Great Comeback Film For Goldi

I swear I love mother-daughter romps. I am a sucker for them. And “Snatched” had me laughing so hard popcorn came out of my nose. I have always loved Goldie Hawn since her Laugh In days and am a big fan of Amy Schumer. Schumer hit it big with her...